Our driveway is 354 feet long and has about a 40’ rise, and we can’t afford the going rate for a tractor to come clean it out after every snowfall. So last Saturday, after a heavy snowfall, we fed the kids a good breakfast and sent them out with snow shovels to clean the driveway. (We came too.) It took us an hour, but they worked well (mostly) and did good work, and I thought they had earned some play time. Their idea? A snowman.

It was excellent packing snow, the kind that holds together firmly and squeaks as you roll it into a ball. Before long we had a good base and midsection for the snowman, and Katie and I were going at it hammer and tongs when we realized we were both making a head. So we put hers up as a head, and I rolled mine a little larger and made the base for a second snowman. By this time the other kids had arrived from the driveway, and after another hour of enthusiastic labor this was the result.

I took this picture from the living room window when we had all come in for lunch. (I was ready for a nap, too.) Some elements obviously came from inside the house, and the snowdad’s eyes, nose, and buttons came from a “snowman kit” Mom had from somewhere. (His nose is a plastic carrot, which subsequently fell out and Honey chewed up. Everything else came from the flowerbed just under the living room window. Dad’s tie is an iris leaf. Mom’s eyes and earrings are the center parts of daisies (some straggling petals even formed “eyelashes”). Her eyebrows are flower stems, and her lips are made of two leaves. I suggested that the parents hold hands, and the kids made it work using two sticks with snow packed around them. Dad’s muscles and Mom’s shapeliness are Emma’s handiwork, and Becca did the hair. The younger kids made the snowkids, which are small because by this time we had used or trampled most of the snow in the front yard.

This snow family is by far the most elaborate snow sculpturing we’ve ever done, snow forts included. Maybe we can top it next year, on a day with lots of tight-packing snow, when we haven’t had to shovel the driveway.

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  1. Dawnalee says:

    Like-like the hand holding. Sweet!

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