Homemade Windex

We were running out of our previous batch of window/surface cleaner last night so I whipped up some more. Last time I refilled this commercial Windex bottle was the first time I had ever made my own concoction, and it worked so well I don’t think anybody noticed (except the color was a little different). Here’s the recipe:
1/2 teasponn dish soap
3 tablespoons vinegar
2 cups water

And a few drops of blue food coloring if you’d like. That’s what I did here. The bubbles will go down, and I haven’t noticed that the soap I add affects the cleaning power at all. (No soap scum on mirrors or anything like that.) Last night I cleaned a bunch of gunk of a dusty tabletop with this mix, and then I went and cleaned a swarm of kid-prints off of our bathroom mirror, and it shone good as new. The whole thing smelled …fresh and clean as a whistle! (sorry, wrong jingle.)

The point is I like making my own goop if it’s good as the commercial stuff and 99% cheaper. I think I spent less than a penny’s worth of ingredients on this whole batch; by far the expensivest ingredient here is the food coloring, which is unnecessary. In this day and age, I think the less we have to depend on the grocery store for what we need, the better.

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  1. thanks for the recipe… we are always running out of that stuff!

  2. xhappyx says:

    I have a better recipe. If you add some rubbing alcohol (or vodka or moonshine if you wish) it makes it better. It helps it to evaporate while you wipe which in turn makes a streak free shine. I make an all purpose cleaner that does windows and cleans as well as 409 or fantastik. Here is the recipe:1 cup vinegar1 cup sudsy or plain ammonia 1 Tablespoon dish detergent1 pint rubbing alcohol. Pour into a 1 gallon container and fill with water and shake. You may omit the ammonia and replace that with vinegar if you wish to have a more natural product but I don't think it works as well I purchase rubbing alcohol at the dollar store. Make sure it is the 75 percent type instead of the 50 percent type, otherwise use 2 of those in your recipe. I purchased a big 1/2 gallon of the ammonia for a buck at dollar tree and it lasts forever making it in this recipe. It cuts grease in the kitchen, removes ball point pen and does windows. It is the most amazing cleaner. I just make up the gallon and refill spray bottles as needed.Also, if you want to add fragrance oil or essential oils, add about 1/2 teaspoon to the rubbing alcohol before you add it to the recipe. This will help keep the oils in suspension. I have been doing formulary for years and this is the recipe I use in my household. I have not purchased commercial all purpose cleaner for over 10 years.

  3. Excellent! I will give this a try. I especially like the larger quantities. We go through Windex like there's no tomorrow; must be all those kids with grubby fingers.

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